About Us

With more than 115 participating companies, the RE/MAX Approved Supplier Program is one of the largest of its kind in the real estate industry. 

The program’s goal is to provide RE/MAX Affiliates with access to an exclusive group of Approved Suppliers who can serve their professional real estate needs. 

The companies in the program are independent contractors offering everything from business cards and computer products to financial services and real estate signs. 

RE/MAX Approved Suppliers are contractually obligated to meet all RE/MAX Trademark and Graphic Standards. Affiliates who use vendors outside the program must accept responsibility to ensure compliance with these standards.

RE/MAX HQ Products are designed for RE/MAX Affiliates to better their business. We offer products to Brokers/Owners and Sales Associates to support marketing, personal promotion and recruiting needs. 

Whether you're showcasing a listing in The RE/MAX Collection listing, hosting a recruiting meeting, or outfitting your office with the latest RE/MAX posters, RE/MAX HQ Products help you get the job done efficiently.