Contactually is a leading provider of relationship marketing software for real estate professionals - from agents to team leads to broker/owners - that helps users develop and strengthen authentic, long-lasting relationships. Contactually’s platform allows you to stay in front of your entire network while you are engaging with your current clients and prospects- all at the same time.  Because you are top of mind in your network to a degree you’ve never been before, Contactually’s customers see increases in leads, referrals, and closed business.  In simply minutes a day, the firm’s easy-to-use platform enables genuine, personalized engagement that will grow your business.

As a RE/MAX professional, Contactually offers you uniquely:

  • a free, no obligation trial to try our software (with the click of one button, your contact database will be created- it’s that easy)
  • one hour of free training with a Contactually product expert (at the end, you will be ready to reap the benefits)
  • free access to Contactually’s large and rich library of real estate content to use when sending your communications (no more “I don’t know what to say”)

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