Gooder Group - Rainmaker Lead System

Automatic Marketing Across Print, Email, Social And Text 

We've taken the work out of marketing by creating – and disseminating - fresh content for you every month. Each month – or whatever frequency you choose – your prospects and clients will hear from you via printed newsletter, email, text or social media. All sent automatically with your branding. 

Need more leads? We’ll send out postcards to your target area driving prospects to a special webpage. There, your prospect can download your branded ebook after providing their email address. Then our system automatically sends your prospect occasional emails to nurture your lead. If your lead clicks any link in your email, you’ll get a text message. At the same time, your lead will receive your printed newsletter in the mail, and will see updated posts on your social networks. You are now reaching prospects wherever they are – via email, phone, mailbox or online. 

Rainmaker Lead System Set-It-And-Forget-It Marketing. Fresh Content Consistently Delivered Every Month Featuring YOU As The Market Leader. 

Mailbox. Inbox. Online. Where are you reaching your clients?

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