Blink Swag is a company dedicated to putting your brand front and center for all of the interactions you have from client meetings to employee engagement to industry promotions to retail packaging and every interaction in between. Our team is focused on matching promotional products with who your brand is and how you want it to appear, not forcing you into a "one size fits all" ideology. Blink Swag is a full-service promotional products and retail packaging company dedicated to bringing great ideas to life for every one of the clients we partner with.

Blink Swag was born out of the continually evolving business our sister company, Blink Signs, was involved in. With clients from every industry from large to small, we saw a continued need for promotional products as part of the branding needs their sign clients had. We saw this continued demand and Blink Swag is our solution to fulfill this growing need.

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    Main Contact: Steve Weber, National Sales

    Phone number:  1-855-512-4700 ext. 130